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Lesson Plans
Welcome to Discovery!

8:15 - 8:30: Planning and Priorities: TSW discuss our to do list for the day and discuss the process skills that go with each activity. (Success Skills) TSW complete the Learning Style Inventory to determine their dominant learning style and discuss what that means. (Affective Skills) Maybe Something Beautiful: Teacher will read the book and TSW respond by reflecting on what the word “Beautiful” means and draw something that is beautiful and tell where they find beauty, and share their responses with peers. (Information Literacy, Affective Skills, Communication Skills) Newsela: TSW read the online article and discuss their thoughts with the group OR give a written response online. (Information Literacy) **Give "Demonstration Speech" for homework.//continued//(Communication Skills, Affective Skills, Success Skills)

8:30 - 10:30: Thinking Skills: Detective Club: TSW work in groups to solve the mystery using logical thinking. “Missing Wallet” //continued//(Thinking Skills) Circle of Life: DNA: TSW begin making predictions about their life from birth to 100 Yr.//continued// Discuss and compare the difference between individual traits and group traits. TSW (Affective Skills, Thinking Skills) **Give "What's in A Name" for homework.( Affective Skills)

10:30 - 10:55: LUNCH

10:55 - 11:10: RECESS

11:10 - 1:30: Learning Style Inventory: TSW complete an online survey to determine their dominant Learning Style. (Affective Skills) Visual Journal: TSW create a cover for their journal.//continued// (Creativity, Communication Skills) Art Styles: Jackson Pollock (Abstract Art): TSW read the article about Jackson Pollock and experiment with abstract art by following directions for the “Fold Over Faces” project. (Creativity, Information Literacy)

*Independent Study: TSW choose a topic they want to research for their independent Study, begin writing 5 essential questions they want to know and begin researching (taking notes). (Thinking Skills, Information Literacy)

1:00 - 1:30: ACTIVITY


Behavior System/Class DoJo

Students’ behavior will be tracked daily by using Class DoJo. An invitation will be sent to you. Please make sure you sign up. Students will receive a Red DoJo for behavior infractions, as well as a Green DoJo for positive behavior. A Neutral DoJo will be given as a “Need to Know” documentation. Throughout your child’s day, his/her behavior will be accessible through your Dojo account. This will also be a great communication tool with us through reminders, notes, class pictures, upcoming events, etc. DoJo Points will determine behavioral consequences on a daily basis. Your child will begin each day with a positive score.

DoJo Points:

Positive points: 1 to 2= 1 Bearcat Buck

3 to 4= 2 Bearcat Bucks

5+= 3 Bearcat Bucks

Neutral: 0 points= Need to know to Parent

Negative points: -1 to -2 (5 minutes of recess)

-3 to -4 (10 minutes of recess)

-5< (All of recess)

A verbal warning will be given before points are taken away.