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Long Beach School District Mission Statement

 Committed to excellence in education,
the Long Beach School District
takes pride in nurturing the uniqueness of all students through active, meaningful partnerships
that prepare students to be successful in the global community.  

School Motto:  Ready, Respectful, and Responsible


    Jennifer Blackwell, Principal

Allison Tenorio, Lead Teacher 

Jessica Donald, Counselor


214 St. Augustine Drive

Long Beach, Mississippi 39560

(p) 228.864.9764

 (f ) 228.241.1683


 Instructional Hours:  7:55 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

Seal of National Blue Ribbon School



From Principal Jennifer Blackwell
welcome from principal jennifer blackwell

Dear Parents and Students, 

I am thrilled to embark on a new chapter as Principal at Thomas L. Reeves Elementary, where I've already spent four fulfilling years as Lead Teacher. My journey in education began 18 years ago at WJ Quarles Elementary, where I honed my passion for teaching first grade over 14 rewarding years. These experiences have shaped my dedication to fostering a nurturing and dynamic learning environment for all students.

Beyond academics, I find joy in various hobbies that rejuvenate me outside of work. Reading not only expands my knowledge but also fuels my creativity. Walking and swimming are my go-to activities for staying active and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which I believe is essential for personal well-being and professional effectiveness.

Personally, I am blessed with a supportive family—a loving husband and a daughter who is about to start high school. Watching her excel in softball and volleyball brings me immense pride and reinforces my commitment to providing every child with opportunities to thrive, both academically and in extracurricular pursuits.

As Principal, my foremost goal is to ensure that Thomas L. Reeves Elementary continues to be a place where every student feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential. I am dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, where teachers are empowered to innovate and students are encouraged to explore their passions and strengths. I believe strongly in the importance of a well-rounded education that not only equips students with knowledge but also nurtures their social-emotional growth and instills a lifelong love of learning.

I look forward to collaborating with our dedicated staff, supportive parents, and the wider community to create a school environment where every child feels safe, respected, and excited to learn. Together, we will celebrate achievements, overcome challenges, and ensure that Thomas L. Reeves Elementary remains a place where dreams take flight and futures are shaped.


Mrs. Jennifer Blackwell