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1st Nine Weeks Objectives

Cassibry Discovery

Class Information

Dedeaux 2nd


Discovery Harper

Discovery Quarles

Discovery Reeves

Discovery Reeves

Friday Team

Hessell 2019-2020



Kindergarten 2019-2020


Mississippi Department of Education Gifted Outcomes

Monday Team

Mrs. Adcock's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Bankston's Self-Contained Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Barrows' First Grade Classroom

Mrs. Bassett's Class

Mrs. Bullock Kindergarten

Mrs. Crozier's 1st grade class

Mrs. Dear's First Grade Class

Mrs. Gros, Lead Teacher, K-3

Mrs. Hessell's Class

Mrs. Mauffray's Speech Therapy

Mrs. Paola's 2019-2020 Schedule

Mrs. Paola's Discovery Lesson Plans 2019-2020

Mrs. Perronne

Mrs. P's Class

Mrs. Sanzin's Library Classroom

Mrs. Tenorio's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Whittington's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Allen's Speech Classroom

Ms. Collins 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Cooley's First Grade Classroom

Ms. Fisher's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Garrison's Special Education

Ms. Hodges Class

Ms. Lauren's Class

Ms. Newell's Class

Ms. Newell's Kindergarten Class

Music Class Information

my class


School Counselor

Thursday Team

Tripp 2017

Tripp ELA

Tuesday Reeves Discovery

Tuesday Team

Wednesday Reeves Discovery

Word lists