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Discovery Plans/Goals
Thinking Skills (TS):
Logical Thinking (logic puzzles)
Out of the Box Thinking Skills Activity
Creativity Activities/Creative Problem Solving
We can identify and solve analogies using analogical thinking. I can solve logic puzzles. I can solve riddles, hink pinks, proverb-fix-its, and scamper.

Success Skills (SS):
Leadership Planning
We can effectively work as a group to set goals and objects. We can achieve common goals with group collaboration.

Communication (CM) and Creativity (CR):
STEM Challenges
Pay Day Simulations
We can collaborate with a team to solve problems. We can generate ideas, thoughts, products, or plans to solve problems.

Information Literacy (IL):
Newsela Investigations
Art Appreciation
Independent Study
MI Time Activities
We can research given topics and topics of interest to learn about various material. We can self-direct our learning and use technology appropriately to find information.

Real World Connections:
~Discovery students apply knowledge of learning styles and preferences to advocate for their academic success.
~Discovery students collaborate with teachers, parents, and peers to ensure success.